David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 09/25/2019

How to Identify the Pros and Cons of On-Premise vs. Cloud Computing

It can be risky to put your stuff in the hands of someone else. I’m still hoping to get my copy of Journey’s Greatest Hits back from my college roommate. But when it comes to valuable business data, trusting it to a...

Topics: Managed IT, Cloud

Jeff Dotzler

Author: Jeff Dotzler

Date: 07/24/2019

3 Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

“The cloud” is frequently referenced when discussing the future of technology, since it offers businesses of all sizes enterprise-level technology at an affordable rate. And, while switching from a traditional IT...

Topics: Managed IT, General Business Technology, Cloud

David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 10/11/2018

The Cost Difference of Cloud Storage vs. On-Premise Servers

In deciding where and how to store data, there are a lot of variables to consider. Often times, the most important factor of every data specialist is simple: cost. With an estimated $900 million being wasted every...

Topics: Managed IT, Cloud

Jim Tarala

Author: Jim Tarala

Date: 06/07/2018

The History of Cloud Computing (And What the Future Holds)

No one is exactly sure who invented Cloud computing. According to some historians, it was invented in the 1960s by JCR Licklider who played an important role in developing the early internet. Others say it was John...

Topics: Managed IT, Cloud

Steven Freitag

Author: Steven Freitag

Date: 03/22/2018

What Your Business Needs to Know About Cloud Security

Moving your organization’s data to the Cloud may not be optional in the future. Analysts at Gartner predict that Cloud computing will be inevitable as soon as the year 2020, and that a cloud-only approach will likely...

Topics: Managed IT, Cloud

David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 12/19/2017

8 FAQs About Cloud Storage Solutions

While data breaches garner a lot of attention, there’s a business concern that isn’t spoken of as often that can affect anyone and cause irrecoverable harm to a business: data loss.

Topics: Managed IT, Cloud

Patrick Flesch

Author: Patrick Flesch

Date: 08/10/2017

4 Considerations Before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

An increase in the number of remote workers, the need for sales teams to have immediate access to customer data, workers located in different facilities — these situations can inhibit a company’s cross-functional...

Topics: Managed IT, Cloud

Matt Freymiller

Author: Matt Freymiller

Date: 06/27/2017

What Are the Risks of Unsecured IoT Devices?

Almost every new product released – whether it be printers, smart TVs or security cameras – has the ability to send and receive information through the internet, which has come to be known as the Internet of Things...

Topics: Cloud


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