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6 Signs You Need Print Management Software

Kelly Moran

Do your printers look like this? Are there piles of documents that no one has claimed? 

If this looks familiar to you, it means your print resources are being wasted and costing you more money than is necessary. Even worse, those loose papers might be putting your confidential information at risk of exposure.


The good news – this can be fixed by taking advantage of print management software. Before we dive in, I want to be clear: if your office printer is shared by just a few people, you might not need print management software. But if you have a fleet of office printers, many users and little control over print security or efficiency, then print management software might be the answer.

Here are the signs that print management software is right for your company.

first challenge is to wrap your arms around your print costs. If you have a distributed workforce printing on devices all over your organization, it is vital to get analytical and reporting software. Real-time monitoring and reports address all areas of print/copy/fax/scan management, ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or even environmental impact. Print management software offers many reports out of the box, in PDF, HTML or spreadsheet.

For example, Papercut includes over 50 one-click reports available for online viewing, printing or export. Administrators can create ad-hoc reports by applying filter conditions and reports can be emailed to specified people on a regular schedule.

Reports can tell you more than how your machines ae being used; they can help with security as well. Consider the case of Licking Heights Local School District Technology Manager Darian Kovach. Kovach received a call after work one day that someone had printed a bomb threat at one of the school district's buildings. Needing to respond quickly, Kovach returned to school and was able to check the logs and identify the individual who had printed the page within minutes.

Thanks to the installation of the Papercut managed print software, Licking Heights was able to control costs as well as oversee usage by students and staff.

Once you have insights into how your machines are being used, print management software can help you control jobs according to policies that encourage and enforce good behavior. For example, you might route large jobs to dedicated high-speed printers, display popups to ask users to confirm single sided output, automatically delete print jobs with incorrect paper sizes or to suggest an alternative printer when a device is offline.

How much can those kinds of controls help? Several years ago, Cardinal Stritch University had more than 300 printers and copiers but had very little control over how they were used. With the deployment of managed print software controls and just-in-time delivery of supplies, the University is using 20% less paper and supplies. 


Print management software protects confidential documents and slashes the volume of unclaimed printouts by ensuring users release print jobs at the point of printing. With “Follow-me” printing, users send print jobs to a virtual queue, and then release them for printing on a specific device.

Because secure print release requires user authentication before printing, only authorized users can print and collect sensitive documents. A Managed Print Service (MPS) provider can install a print management solution like uniFLOW or PaperCut to enable secure printing features on any printer with proximity card readers or a PIN code.

Print management software is not only useful for locking down your print assets, but it can safely and securely enable remote and mobile printing options. Print management software allows users to print from mobile devices and even bring your own device (BYOD) to work. No matter the operating system, the location, the file format or the brand of printer, print management software can enable printing while also tracking, monitoring and including mobile printing in your accounting practices.


With a print management software solution, documents can be scanned directly from devices and into your business workflows. Once authenticated, users can scan documents and enter them into a project, no matter where they are on the company network.

Then, once captured and processed, documents can be exported automatically to a selection of destinations. With uniFLOW, users can scan documents and send them via Email or directly into a folder or backend system, including Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox.


If your printers look like the one at the beginning of this post, print management software is the solution. It will make it possible for your IT staff to monitor usage and identify pain points. It allows your service provider identify machines that are being over- or under-used and redeploy the machines as needed. They can better maintain and head off mechanical issues with preventative maintenance and provide prompt delivery of toner and supplies, so you never run out.

The cost savings can be huge. For example, Racine Unified School District took an inventory of its printer network and found it had no idea how many devices it owned and had no system for centralized management or output control. GFC worked with the team to assess how much each machine was being used and the district was able to reduce its fleet from over 2100 print devices to just four single function printers and 319 multifunction machines to accomplish the same workload. This changeover resulted in an annual cost savings of $70,000 in addition to a $92,000 energy rebate.

Today’s Managed print software solutions can benefit organizations of all sizes in unexpected ways. If you’d like to discover the benefits of print management software for your organization, contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation Managed Print Needs Assessment.

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