Turn dark data into a powerful knowledge base.

An estimated 80 to 85% of information in Electronic Content Management (ECM) systems is defined as Dark Data. AskGordy provides a simple application and implementation process to expose this information for more informed, complete and responsive results.

Powered by IBM Watson

AskGordy applies IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to Content Management storage systems. You can now have a voice-activated interface to help find information in your data and document sets that traditional keyword searches simply can’t.

Natural Language Processing

With the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a user can simply ask a question in plain language.

Integration With Multiple Document Management Systems

AskGordy can accept input from nearly all document management and file storage systems. The system permits documents from a wide range of vendors to be directly processed and made available to Watson for querying. New documents can be added and indexed automatically whether in PDF, Word or HTML formats. If you use multiple file share platforms, AskGordy can conduct searches on all of them at once.

Reduced Manual Training

AskGordy employs a proprietary method to extract intent and content from documents, building AI training models for Watson Discovery. These models provide the initial enrichment required to get meaningful results from AskGordy, and set the groundwork for any future training or feedback. Since AskGordy optimizes this initial automatic training, there is less need for review or manual markup commonly associated with teaching as AI system understanding on a specific set of documents.  

AskGordy subscribers can use our Quick Start option that incorporates this automated training and document handling to get meaningful results in as little as six weeks.

Repeatable Method and Delivery Application Process

The AskGordy application applies Watson Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Assistant and feedback training loops. Queries and results can be performed by text or speech on mobile devices or as part of a website.

The application includes the processes and machine learning components necessary to go from existing documents to cognitive results in four steps:

  • Ingest
  • Train
  • Apply Watson
  • User Interface Application for Mobile and Web

Scalability and Expansion

The application is built on IBM Cloud APIs and works the same way whether the customer has 10 documents or 100,000. New documents can be added automatically. Watson AI is affordable for almost any company to turn unused data into actionable business intelligence because you can start small and scale the project up.

Users can extend AskGordy with additional Watson capabilities and data sources, structured data, Watson Assistant chatbots and other external applications and solutions.

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If you have electronically stored documents and you want fast, accurate, insightful answers, AskGordy is for you. Contact a GFConsulting Group representative to explore just how transformational this cognitive computing application can be for your business.

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